Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 17
Armstrong Redwood State Reserve
Geyserville, CA
Critique at Parking lot 12:30 if anyone wants

As you stroll through this beautiful old-growth redwood forest, you'll see some of the tallest and oldest trees remaining in this part of California. The Parson Jones Tree is about 310 feet high; the Colonel Armstrong Tree is more than 1,400 years old.

During the 1880's, this area was set aside as a "natural park and botanical garden" by Colonel James Armstrong, an early-day lumber man who recognized the beauty and natural value of the forests he harvested. Today, the ancient redwood forest within the park is the largest remaining old-growth redwood forest in Sonoma County. It is a living reminder of the magnificent primeval redwood forest that covered much of this area before logging operations began during the 19th century.

Along with the coast redwoods in this grove there are also a number of other trees including tan oak, California laurel, and big-leaf maple. In springtime, the forest floor is carpeted with clover-like redwood sorrel, trillium, fairy bells, and redwood orchids. In winter, mushrooms, mosses, lichens, and liverworts exhibit their fantastic shapes and colors.

 To get to the park, turn west on River Road from highway 101, approximately 2 miles north of Santa Rosa. Drive to Guerneville. At the second traffic signal in Guerneville, turn north (right) on Armstrong Road, which dead-ends in the park.

August 24

Town of Bodega

Critique 12:30 if anyone wants

Vintage movie site buildings, ranch views.  Critique at 12:30 near the building used as the “Old Schoolhouse” in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”, close to the little white church.

Highway 12 west of Sebastopol. 

Ok, this wasn't such a fun location.  No place to really set up.  I went to Doran Beach.  It turned into a fun outing.  The entire Sonoma Coast looked gorgeous which is why we are going back there asap.

August 31
Cline Cellars Winery
24737 Sonoma Ave
Sonoma, CA 

Critique at 1:30

A 350 acre ranch in the Carneros Valley.  The tasting room is a 1853 farmhouse.  The grounds are renovated to show off the history and beauty of the property.

Cline has some nice gardens.  It was a good day in the shade.

September 7 

Labor Day Weekend

 I'm taking this day off so I'm not scheduling anything.

September 14

Duncan's Landing

North of

Bodega Bay

Critique in parking lot if anyone cares.

Directions:  101 to Hwy 12.  Hwy 12 to Bodega Bay (Hwy 1).  Hwy 1 north to Duncan's Landing.

Duncans Lndg, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Well this got drizzled out.   I went out and tried to start something, but it was a no go.

Monday Sept 21

Kunde Winery

9825 Sonoma Highway

Kenwood, CA 95452

My class this week is blue analogous color scheme so I will be painting greens and blues.  There is plenty here to paint other things so everyone isn't tied to my class schedule.


From SF direction:  Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, go north on the 101 Freeway through Marin, approximately 18 miles. Just past the Ignacio exit, take Highway 37 East to Sonoma Raceway, approximately 7 miles. Turn left onto Highway 121. When 121 turns right (with signs saying “to Sonoma”) DO NOT TURN, but continue straight. This road becomes Arnold Drive. Stay on Arnold Drive. Do not turn left on Highway 116 to Petaluma, but continue straight. You will come to a 3-way intersection. Turn right on Madrone Rd. This road dead ends into Highway 12. Turn left on Highway 12. Continue for 5 miles. Kunde Family Winery will be on your right just before you reach the town of Kenwood.

Here is my blue painting.  I got there earlier than we normally start to get the blue of early morning.  I think next week will be easier using yellow.

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Otherwise head toward Sonoma from 101 and it is in Kenwood on the left.

Monday Sept 28

Taylor Mountain Regional Park

2080 Kwana Terrace Road Entrance

Santa Rosa, CA 

9am to 12:30  Critique if we want it

My assignment is yellow analogous color scheme so I will be painting the yellow grass and rolling hills with trees.   There are other things to paint, with minimal walking-great views of Santa Rosa plain.

  I needed to make up the yellow grass because of the drought and the assignment.  It is ok but not great.

Monday Oct 5

Skyfarm Drive

Santa Rosa, CA 

 Atmospheric Perspective 

 9am to 12:30  Critique if we want it

I need a vista so Skyfarm Drive is on one of the larger hills in Santa Rosa.  Anyone who comes needs to bring an umbrella for their setup.  Honestly we could do Taylor Mountain twice, but we don't need to do that.  Vista is of the Santa Rosa Plain (pretty much Santa Rosa to Sebastopol).

101 to Fountaingrove Parkway.  East on Fountaingrove Parkway a bit over 1 mile, take a left at the second light onto Thomas Lake Harris.  Drive past Paradise Ridge Winery and take the next left onto Skyfarm Drive.  I'll be at the top of the hill.

My assignment was different, but ok.  I had to use different dominant colors for the same scene. That is an interesting exercise.

Extra Paintout:  Saturday Sept. 26 for those interested:


September 26th 2015 Great Petaluma Paint Out at the Turning Basin in Petaluma, CA Check in is between 8:00 AM and 9:00 in the Golden Eagle Shopping Center where...

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Check in is between 8:00 AM and 9:00
in the Golden Eagle Shopping Center

where you will get your canvas stamped.
Painting ends at 2:00 pm.
Artists are to bring their paintings and easels and gather
at the Theater District Courtyard by 3:00.
At 3:15 the judging starts (no exceptions).
There will be awards, hors d’oeuvres, beverages,
and live music will commence.
$200 for First
$100 for Second
$100 for People‘s Choice
$25 dollar fee to participate  
Write checks out to "Brayton Art" and mail to
242 Bessie Mae Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952
Sign Up Deadline is September 20, 2015
If you have further questions, please email Wendy Brayton:

  • Check-in begins at 8:00 am and will end at 9:00. Please park your car in the Golden Eagle Shopping Center located on the left after passing Lakeville Hwy heading West on Washington. Upon checking in, you will be assigned an artist number for judging and have your canvas stamped. You will also receive a packet that will include the following:  a card to tape to your easel with your number on it (Please DO NOT write your name on this card as you will be referred to by number only during the judging process), and an artist ballot for making your choices (the artists choose 1st and 2nd place winners). When you check in, a commissioner will go through the contents of the package with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Once you pick up your packet, you may then unload your car and set up anywhere along the turning Basin. Your other options include painting at the old train depot along Lakeville or parking in the Parking garage located on C Street. These three places are all free unlimited time parking. Please refer to the attached map for guidelines on where you may paint.
  • Painting ends at 2:00 pm. You will have until 3pm to deliver your painting and easel to the Theatre District Courtyard. Parking for this event is best in the garage. We will have you choose one painting for judging. You will need to set up your easel with painting in the designated area. Judging will take place at 3:15 pm, no exceptions. 
  • Information about awards: 1st place and 2nd place are decided by the artists, the People's Choice award is decided by the viewing public (we will be handing out ballots to the public. The commissioners will announce the winners once the votes are tallied.
  • It’s time then to relax enjoy live music, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. There are also two restaurants located in the courtyard. If you’re planning a meal you might make reservations ahead of time.

  • The weather is unpredictable, so make sure you are adequately dressed. Bring layers, since you will be there all day. It may be cold in the morning, and warm in the afternoon. It can be windy so be able to secure your easel.
  • You may want to bring sunscreen, wear a hat, or bring an umbrella to shield yourself from the sun.
  • Bring food and water.

  • Please do NOT bring your own work to sell. It will not be allowed. If someone expresses interest in buying your painting that day, make arrangements outside the event.
    All work must be created during the day of event.
  • Please bring your own materials for painting.
  • You may bring multiple canvases and produce multiple paintings, but you can only submit one for judging.
  • All mediums are accepted.