Saturday, November 29, 2014

December Schedule

Update:  All of these December dates were rained out.  I'm not complaining.  This inconvenience is much better than drought.  It looks like this coming Monday will be clear, but I have just finished my semester at school and haven't had a chance to think about this painting group.  I am going to take a few weeks to regroup so I won't have anything posted this week.  We are skipping 2 weeks and will resume in January.  Meanwhile, I am going to catch up on everything that I need to do for my family and everyone else.  I will work on having a schedule several months at a time.

Winter Hours 12-3:30 ish

Sorry I haven't been able to join the group lately.  I have had specific painting homework to do.  Winter break is coming up for me.  Then I'll try to post locations to get me through to Spring break.

December 1

Nicasico, CA 


Scenic small town west of Novato.  Now that we've had a little rain, it won't look so brown.  I've had several requests for this location so if it is rained out on Monday, I'll reschedule it.

December 8

Taylor Mountian Regional Park


Great views, hills, tress.  Again, if it is raining, I'll reschedule this one.

December 15

 Crane Creek Regional Park


Another opportunity for views, hills and tress. 

Will resume in January.  I will have things posted hopefully right after Christmas.  We will continue winter hours.